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Super fiber leather and leather which good?

Release time:2017-04-07 Source:Dongguan run automation equipment Co., Ltd.

The full name of microfiber leather superfine fiber PU synthetic leather, popular terms, ultra fiber is a high performance PU (polyurethane) and superfine fiber fabric is attached to it, the structure is the most close to the dermis, which belongs to the third generation of artificial leather, with excellent performance.
Leather and natural leather said, as the name suggests, the dermis is stripped off by animal skin made of (a bit cruel), usually used more with cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin and so on, of course, there are precious crocodile skin, ostrich skin etc..
After figuring out the basic concept, the next few points on the distinction between super fiber skin and leather do contrast.
First, appearance. Microfiber leather look very close to the dermis (many imitation leather), but a careful comparison, leather leather pores clear, natural texture; and microfiber leather because it is artificial skin, no pores and texture more organized. Moreover, the low end of the super fiber skin surface may have a sense of plastic.
Second, weight. The proportion of leather in general in 0.6, while the proportion of super fiber skin in 0.3-0.5, that is, under the same conditions super fiber skin is much lighter than the dermis. For example, the size of a material similar to the bag, to distinguish between the end of the leather or super fiber skin, you can take a look at the weight, leather is a lot of heavy.
Third, odor. Leather is due to animal skin, so there will be a strange smell, and even a little stench, if the process of formaldehyde, heavy metals exceeded, leather often have a pungent odor. The super fiber skin taste will be lighter, but some of the low-end microfiber skin, there may be a strong plastic flavor.
Fourth, performance. Super fiber leather and leather have a very good practical performance, super fiber skin may be more resistant to aging, leather will be more comfortable breathable. Of course, super fiber leather and leather in the overall performance can achieve a certain balance.
Fifth, drawing. The dermis is limited by the size of the animal skin, the physical property of the species is not uniform, and the super fiber skin is more convenient and the quality performance is more uniform and stable.
Sixth, the price. Under normal circumstances, leather (of course, finger skin) than the super fiber skin expensive, and the price of leather because of changes in supply and demand will be ups and downs. However, some of the world's top super fiber leather technology content, will be more expensive than leather, for high-end applications.
Ordinary consumers in the super fiber leather and leather which is good when there is doubt, may wish to turn the problem into: I am most concerned about what is the performance? For example, you are concerned about the degree of wear resistance, it can be considered super fiber skin; more concerned about permeability, it should be used leather. Of course, if you choose super fiber skin, then there should be a distinction between the advantages and disadvantages of microfiber skin.
In general, microfiber leather and leather are very close in the general performance and structure, the relative merits of each one according to his lights.

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