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How to distinguish leather products

Release time:2020-10-30 Source:Dongguan run automation equipment Co., Ltd.
How to distinguish leather products from genuine leather or imitation

1. Hand touch: touch the leather surface with your hand. If you feel smooth, soft, plump and elastic, it is leather; generally, the surface of artificial and synthetic leather is astringent, rigid and poor in softness.

2. Eye view: there are clear pores and patterns on the surface of dermis, symmetrical fine pores in cattle hide, thick and sparse pores in yak skin, and fish scale pores in goat skin.

3. Smell: all genuine leather has the smell of leather, while the artificial leather has a strong pungent smell of plastic.

4. Ignite: tear a little fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather. After being ignited, the leather that emits pungent smell and forms lumps is artificial leather; the one that emits hair smell and does not knot hard knots is dermis. It can be burned. It's definitely not leather.

5. Dripping: drop a few drops of water on the leather surface and wait for a few minutes to see whether the water drops can penetrate into the leather. If it can, it is the real leather, and the artificial leather / PU can not penetrate, because the air permeability of the leather is very different from that of the artificial leather / PU.

6. Press by hand. If the dermatoglyphics gather to the pressing place, it means that it is genuine leather. There is also stretching method, leather stretch is poor, can not go back after pulling. still

7. Leather surface: the natural leather surface has its own special natural pattern, and the leather surface has natural luster. When pressing or pinching the leather surface by hand, the leather surface has no dead wrinkles, dead folds or cracks; while the leather surface of artificial leather is similar to natural leather, but the pattern is not natural, and the luster is brighter than that of natural leather, and the color is more bright.

8. Leather body: natural leather has soft handle and toughness, while imitation leather products are also very soft, but the toughness is not enough. When the climate is cold, the leather body is hard. When the leather body is flexed by hand, the natural leather is naturally bent and has good elasticity, while the imitation leather product has a stiff and poor elasticity.

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