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Leather maintenance methods and matters needing attention

Release time:2019-03-08 Source:Dongguan run automation equipment Co., Ltd.

Daily Maintenance
1. Weekly use of leather care solution for maintenance and care;
2. When cleaning leather, clean it with soft cotton cloth and wax, so that it won't hurt the skin. Don't wash any leather directly in water.
3. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and rain.
4. Avoid contact with acid and alkaline heavy substances, corrosive substances and oil pollution;
5. Avoid direct contact or friction with sharp and **.
6. Prevent overweight and overloading;
7. When the leather is damp or wet, it should be air-dried immediately or dried with warm air.
8. When leather goods are collected for a long time, moisture-proof agents should be placed in the leather goods and plastic bags should be sealed and stored in a cold and shady place.
1. The following points should be avoided in use:
Rainwater immersion, ** storage, long time sunshine exposure, high temperature above 70 C, no direct friction with rough articles, avoid contact with acid and alkali and other corrosive substances.
2. How to deal with wet or wet leather with newspaper according to the original shape of the leather, dry in the ventilation place to avoid sunshine, wipe the leather with leather oil; Do not close to high temperature, do not use fire drying or sun exposure.
3. Treatment of scratches on leather surface: spraying nursing oil, natural air-drying. Cover the surface with dry cloth, heat it with hairdryer for 30 - 60 seconds and rub it repeatedly with dry cloth.
4. When the leather is torn or damaged, it should be repaired in time. If it is a small crack, you can apply some egg white on the crack, and the crack can be bonded.
5. How to wipe the mouldy leather
Use soft dry cloth to wipe the mildewed part clean, and then wipe it evenly with oil. Never rub it with water or gasoline. Water can harden the leather and gasoline can volatilize the oil and crack it.

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